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Tashir and Vanadzor: “Fostering cooperation and development of small & medium business of the trans-border communities”
12.11.2012 13:24 Tashir and Vanadzor: “Fostering cooperation and development of small & medium business of the trans-border communities”

The aim of this project is to create a database of Armenian and Georgian businessmen which will later on collaborate on issues of common interest, on initiating joint projects and fostering development of small and medium business in Georgia and Armenia. The uniqueness of the project is the fact that no such database existed before and its creation will give an opportunity to keep a regular contact with partners and come up with joint projects.

In the framework of the project the database of 100 Armenian and Georgian businessmen was collected and created, which was multiplied and spread by CDs. The database includes information about the contacts of the organizations, areas of activities & the expectations of the collaboration.In the framework of the project needs assessment of the intercommunity cooperation was carried out. Also analyse of the customs legislation and policy was carried out. Along with the researches meetings and visits with representatives of the business field and the officials of the municipalities were carried out. Round table was organised with participation of businessmen and municipalities’ officials, where issues related to trans-border cooperation, the problems raised by the businessmen as well as issues related to simplifying the customs field were discussed. During the event the research of the expert-lawyer about the custom policy of Armenia and Georgia was presented. A meeting of Armenian & Georgian businessmen in Tashir city was organised on August 18.

As a result of implementation of the project in cities of Alaverdi, Dilijan, Vanadzor, Ijevan and Tashir in Armenia and in Marneuli, Bolnisi, Dmanisi and Ninotsminda in Georgia the needs assessment of intercommunity cooperation in 100 SME territories will give an opportunity to implement long-term and realistic projects for SMEs cooperation based on the study results. The information data base will reveal the business proposals of those who declared their willingness to cooperate, also the requirements of import and export. The data base will be available for all the SMEs and will be updates regularly. 150 copies of three-language CDs have been published. The analyses customs policy of Armenia and Georgia is a useful guide developed by a lawyer expert.  The businessmen forum developed as a result of the project will be ongoing and in future it will continue the use of informative and other materials. Within the framework of group activity activities directed toward development of various types of SME cooperation in which also urban communities will have their own place.