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Vanadzor, Dilijan and Ijevan: “Tourism Development Project”
12.11.2012 13:27 Vanadzor, Dilijan and Ijevan: “Tourism Development Project”

Fostering close cooperation of pilot municipalities of Armenia and Georgia in the sphere of tourism is the pillar of the project.

The aim of the project is to promote tourism development between Armenia and Georgia by establishing tourism offices in 3 cities. A strategy which is intended to develop will state the procedure that should be carried out in order to achieve efficient results. The potential for tourism development in this region is huge so a good strategy will bring great success in this field.

Within the framework of the project a head committee of the project was formed in which mayors are also included. Head committee holds sessions once in two months. It was planned to establish separate tourism offices in 3 cities. Later the head committee decided to establish one legal unit with branches in 3 cities. With the help of hired lawyers the statute and legal package of tourism office was development. The documents were submitted to state registration. In the centre of Dilijan city a territory was provided for office.


A team of people responsible for tourism was formed from all the cities. An expert from France was also included in the team. Corresponding forms were developed to evaluate tourism resources and collecting information. Two-day training was organized in Dilijan city (15 people) for those who are in charge. One week training was held also in France. Mayors of pilot cities (jointly with other mayors) participated in study visit on tourism in France. A technical assistance was provided to tourism office – property and computers. A special portal (websites) was developed for tourism offices with the opportunity of reservation. A special project tool was developed for tourism office. A database was collected and translated into Russian and English. Tourism development Strategy was developed for Dilijan city by the expert. Several tourism itineraries were developed. Visit of tour operators from Yerevan to region was organized.